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Apus has specialized in providing software solutions for complex tasks. They plan and execute client projects with the greatest care, beginning long before the actual implementation. They approach every client relationship from a partnering perspective, and do not set out to merely sell products, but instead develop complete solutions.

They accompany clients throughout the software lifecycle process, and consider that they have reached their goal only when clients are satisfied with the quality of their work and with their solutions.


It was a huge joy to work with the highly motivated and perfectly prepared circle17 team. Further it was an excellent opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas.

The entire event was made in a professional and motivating way.

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What Challenge were you working on during your time with circle17 and what SDGs are you focusing on?

SDG 13 – Climate action: We wanted to decrease our greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal was to motivate our colleagues to commute in a sustainable way. For instance, with public transport, with car sharing platforms, e-bikes or any other form that helps reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In order to achieve a bigger impact also other companies and the communities in our region should be motivated to join.

What did you learn from your experience?

For us it was the first time taking part in such a process. So basically everything was new to us. We especially liked the workshops where we had to define our goals. They had a strict timeboxed schedule. The outcome was incredible when the (intendedly given) short time span is considered. In general, the online events and workshops were professionally organized with great vibe and excellent atmosphere.

How was it working with start-ups?

The passion applied by the participants was amazing to see. It was interesting to watch their ideas grow.

Did you set up a partnership and if so, would you like to tell us more about it?

Unfortunately, we had to postpone our efforts. Due to the pandemic most of our colleagues at Apus are working remotely. Therefore, the issue of more sustainable commuting was not that urgent. Moreover, we have not been able to win further companies and participants for our project.

What would you recommend future participants to get the most out of the experience?

We would recommend having a clear picture of your goals at the beginning. The questions raised by the startups were very detailed. The better you understand your goal the better you can answer their questions.

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Team Members

Richard Kahlbacher

Senior software developer and team lead of the apus public transport team.