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The marketplace for good business. Connect and match with social innovators and NGO's to build partnerships for all. 


After successful workshops and the  Impacthon the journey continues in supporting young businesses to establish long-term partnerships that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

We are convinced, for the challenges of today, the solutions are already out there. You just need to find them. That is why the Matchmaking unites key players that want to co-create a better future and provides plenty of opportunities to network and meet like-minded people that want to collaborate with promising startups.  

2022 the Fundraising Verband and circle17 merged the Matchmaking Event with the "Marktplatz der guten Geschäfte"-Event. 

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Curious how the Matchmaking 2021 has been? Find out more! 

Who Can Participate?


We are inviting all gamechangers, creators and startups to participate at the Matchmaking who are eager to collaborate and partner up with organisations. Sign up to the Matchmaking Event!


You are a Challenge Lead, and want to collaborate with inspiring Social Innovators and Start-ups that leave a positive mark and tackle sustainability challenges close to your own business? Sign up to the Matchmaking Event!


Our supporters for the Impacthon. We couldn't do this project without them! Interested to support our sustainable initiative too? Reach out to us!

You want to get involved either as a participant, mentor, sponsor or partner? Get in touch with us, we’re happy to hear from you!

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All events of circle17 are CO2-compensated and are therefore climate neutral. You can find out more about our efforts to take responsibility here.

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