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Circle17 Matchmaking


Do you want to contribute to the development of systemic solutions to industry-related sustainability challenges? 

Join us at the circle17 matchmaking for sustainable transformation, and experience how a unique match-making process between companies and sustainability-driven startups could benefit you.

Enjoy inspiring keynotes and sessions, and learn more on what actions you can take to lead sustainable transformation within your market area. 

How can you support to transform each of the following systems?

Circe17 Matchmaking areas


Creating sustainable agriculture

How might we create systems that foster the local food supply in novel ways?

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Connecting sustainable mobility

How might we connect different modes of mobility and transportation in novel ways?

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Transforming urban infrastructure

How might we use urban mining to move towards more sustainable cities?

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Challenge 1 – Many of us are inclined to use unsustainable transport, such as the car to go to work or airplane to a holiday destination, because it is more convenient and perceived cheaper than a sustainable alternative. Many of us are buying online because it is more comfortable and cheaper than going to local stores.

How can we satisfy our desires and be more sustainable at the same time? Many of us want to change – however, more sustainable solutions often tend to be more expensive than sustainable ones due to a lack of true-cost pricing (e.g. flying versus taking the train). To create change, we need solutions that are as comfortable and economic as unsustainable alternatives and are therefore not socially exclusive. If those conditions are fulfilled, change to new practices can be facilitated and people can be motivated to modify their transportation behaviour towards being more sustainable.

Competition between different suppliers of mobility has been one of the main problems hindering the creation of sustainable practices and an ecosystem for cooperation, innovation and joint solutions. To create novel systemic models in the mobility and transportation sector, cooperation between different stakeholders is necessary. Organisations cannot build new innovative solutions alone, hence new collaboration models for joint innovation efforts are needed.

Challenge 2 – Awareness about agricultural production, its effects on the climate and often unfair labour conditions has increased significantly. Sustainable local production could reduce negative consequences of food production. However, local and sustainable production is often small-scale and labour-intensive, thereby making those products more expensive. Additionally, consumers often lack access to locally produced, sustainable products and therefore prefer the easier choice of buying non-regional food.

Enhancing the accessibility of local agricultural products for consumers can be the first step towards the creation of a sustainable agricultural system. How can we create systems that enable both ends of the value chain to change their practices and to understand each other’s needs and challenges?
This enhanced awareness creates a community that cares for each other and creates higher value on both sides.

Challenge 3 – Cities are growing rapidly worldwide and becoming the predominant space to live and work in. The visibility and allocation of resources in urban are essential to secure inclusive and resilient cities. Urban resources can have a physical and an immaterial appearance. They appear as raw materials, e.g. for buildings and infrastructure, for food production, or as once used resources, like vacant buildings. Moreover, they could be talents or innovations that only need to be linked to their practical use.

Many resources are left unused in the urban space or, rather, the incentives to (re)use urban resources are missing. Some are abandoned, some are tried out once and left to be covered by dust (e.g. innovative research projects, prototypes), others lie dormant and have not been seen as a potential resource so far. Too many resources are being wasted, because they have not yet been discovered by the appropriate user. It is often cheaper to demolish, e.g. to tear down existing infrastructure. How can we incentivise the re-use of materials, rather than increasing the input of new primary raw materials and therefore exploiting natural and human resources?


Who are we talking to?

Join us at the circle17 matchmaking-event and build bridges towards the SDGs in the areas of Urban Infrastructure, Mobility Systems & Transportation and Agricultural Solutions & Nutrition!


Are you a business and are you eager to meet with change drivers, who could inspire you along your corporate sustainability journey?


Are you a sustainability-driven start-up with a market-ready innovation you would like to showcase to a large audience of corporates and investors?


Are you an NGO or a researcher fostering the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Agenda & Location

What’s on the planning

13:30 Registration & Exploring Market Stands
14:00 Opening + Welcoming remarks
By Markus Raunig (Managing Director AustrianStartups) & Daniela Knieling (Managing Director respACT)
14:10 Keynote: Becoming a Positive Impact Company by Katrin Muff 
Learn more on what actions you can take to transfer the SDGs into innovative business models to create positive impact.
15:20 Price announcement by OekoBusiness Wien
15:25 Startup Pitches
Enjoy insights into the newest market-ready innovations, presented to you by Austrian-based sustainability-driven startups.
16:10 Lightning talk by Jasmin Moradzadeh 
(AWS Connect / Industry-Startup.Net, the Startup-Corporate Matchingservice by Austria Wirtschaftsservice )
16:20 Speeddating
16:55 WORKSHOP TRACK: How to setup strategic SDG-driven collaborations by OiER
How can you maximise the value and impact of potential partnerships for the SDGs?
MATCHMAKING TRACK: Speed-dating for Sustainable Transformation
Experience how a unique match-making process between companies and sustainability and social-driven start-ups could benefit you.
18:15 Networking with Food & Drinks
Be prepared to build your momentum, meet a lot of like-minded people and make a great amount of first-hand connections to continue your matchmaking journey with.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What’s on your mind?

How can I register & prepare as a Startup?

Are you a sustainability and social-driven start-up with a market-ready innovation, you would like to showcase to a large audience of corporates and investors?🌍

Then the circle17 Matchmaking Day is looking for you!

We are looking for start-ups that offer creative solutions for the challenging problems in (1) Agriculture, (2) Mobility and (3) Urban Infrastructure.

📥 Apply for the matchmaking day until 20.02.2020 23:59, and get connected with leading Austrian enterprises that are looking to collaborate with start-ups in order to drive sustainable transformation forward.

*Places are limited! We will select 20 startups who will be able to present their venture at the matchmaking event.*

Date And Time: Feb 27, 2020, 13:30 – 18:30, Networking till 21:00
Location: Die Brotfabrik, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Wien

If you have any questions, please contact or

*more info on the exhibition requirements for startups will be communicated to you after your application.

How can I register & prepare as a Corporate, NGO or Academic Enthusiast?

👉 Are you a business whose aim is to move the needle, and are you eager to interact with change drivers, who could inspire you along your corporate sustainability journey?

👉 Are you an NGO or research institute that wants to connect with sustainability and social-driven start-ups?

👉 Do you want to learn how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be transferred into innovative business models in the fields of Agriculture, Mobility and Urban Infrastructure?

Get your Corporate / NGO / Academic Ticket through this link.

Would you like to understand how our unique match-making process between companies and sustainability and social-driven start-ups could benefit you? Please contact

What are the costs for joining the circle17 Matchmaking event?

circle17 is brought to life via the non-profit organisations AustrianStartups & respACT and is funded by the Austrian Development Agency. The circle17 Matchmaking event is free for everyone. 

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Location of the circle17 Matchmaking

Brotfabrik Wien, where art and culture, education and business, gastronomy and social commitment meet.


Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna