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Founded in 2020, inoqo is an environmentally conscious lifestyle app that aims to help users make better-informed shopping decisions every day. Our answer to the question "How can we mobilize everyone for climate action?" would be: inoqo!
In a world of over-, mis-, or fuzzy information, inoqo aims to provide consumers with science-based data on the environmental, social, and biodiversity impacts of familiar food products. Our users can scan the receipts of their daily shopping and get within a very short time a professional evaluation, of the impact of their shopping on the environment. Our mission is to empower people to live more consciously by providing them with evidence-based information about the impact of their lifestyle on other people and the planet.


Our first team members joined the circle17 program and developed the idea for an app that promotes sustainable consumption.
During the 3-day Impacthon, the idea was born - and the team was actively supported by circle17 during the founding process, including follow-up calls. Since then we have been in contact with circle17 for several months and hope that there will be many more opportunities to collaborate with circle17.

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By fostering sustainable consumption and production patterns, inoqo contributes to a more environmentally friendly use of natural resources. For example, we expect to enable active inoqo users to reduce their food related carbon footprint on average by 25% (from 2.5 t CO2e down to 1.9 t CO2e per year) through

  • e.g. following WHO recommendations of a healthy diet or
  • reducing consumption of red meat or
  • consuming mainly organic products,
    resulting in an annual CO2e reduction potential of:
  • -2.8 Million t CO2e in the D-A-CH region*
  • -250 k t CO2e in Austria*
    *Assuming 400.000 active users in Austria and 4.5 M active users in the D-A-CH region

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Founder: Markus, Helene, Berhard, Doris, Elisa, Simon