Leaders for Sustainable Transformation

Circle17 is promoting the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Circle17 is a program aimed to mobilise a local movement of young leaders in sustainable transformation, to turn the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into Austrian’s business priorities, leading change on all aspects of corporate- and societal sustainability. 

We do this by utilising the potential that lies with young change drivers, to lead the sustainable business transformations of the near future. By supporting them in the development of their innovative ideas, bringing them together with multi-stakeholders in the ecosystem of their challenge areas, and foster potential partnerships for the goals, we believe that we can drive sustainable business transformation forward in support of achieving the SDGs by 2030.

The Circle17 project is brought to life via the two Non-Profit organisations AustrianStartups & respACT, and funded by the Austrian Development Agency.



How circle17 works

Committees of business representatives, experts, entrepreneurs and students discuss the main current and future challenges for the integration of sustainable practices in specific economic sectors. Subsequently to the discussions, precise questions are developed by an expert group.

The specific challenges are solved by startups, students and makers during an Impacthon. Results of this process step are innovative business models and a list of requirements for potential corporate partners.

During coaching sessions the participants are mentored in business model development and presentation skills. Branded "exhibition booths" for the visualization of the business models are designed and realized.

Startups present their solutions to corporate representatives during a matchmaking event. Aim is to match startups and suitable companies in order to implement the developed business models together.

The established partnerships are presented in a final event.

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How to engage


Are you a business who’s aim is to move the needle, do you have a tremendous amount of knowledge in one of our current challenge areas you are eager to share, or are you eager to interact with change drivers, who could inspire you along your corporate sustainability journey?

Do you seek potential partnerships for the goals? Get in touch with us, and learn how we can build supportive modules for our change drivers together.



Are you a NGO or a Social Enterprise and are you working in one of our current challenge areas? Are you happy to share your expertise with young change drivers and work towards achieving the SDGs by 2030 together, or do you seek for potential partnerships for the goals?

Get in touch with us, and learn how we can build supportive modules for our change drivers together. We are always on the look-out for expertise! 

Change Drivers

Are you a change driver in the need of a driver’s seat? Do you see in business a solution to today’s social- and environmental challenges, and are you interested in developing new products and services to achieve the SDGs together with meaningful partners?

Do you have a project idea or just a whole lot of guts and expertise to bring to the table? Then the Circle17 Impacthon needs you!

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