Challenge Rosenbauer


For the moment of change - Sustainable Technology

How might we develop the first product using 100% recyclable materials by 2022?

Fire brigades that have the need to act like a role model regarding green initiatives for local communities and in addition, they have system pressures like reduced budgets, demographic change and increased health and safety requirements. We provide a sustainable product with a long life cycle and the opportunity to demonstrate the local communities what is possible regarding circular economy.

That is unique because we develop the first product replacing plastics with 100% recycled materials by 2022. However, the challenge is to find recycled materials having the required properties (PP, PE, ABS, ABC).

  • Rotasinter PE tanks (external supplier)

  • Inhouse PP tank manufacture

  • The RT (electric firetruck) is first products without GRP

  • Thermoplasitcs covers, Carbon reinforced

  • Design for recycling potential existing, but recycling precursors currently not available.

  • Losing the pionieer role – the lead role by being the first manufacturer to offer a sustainable product by replacing plastics by 100% recycled materials.
  • future pressure of government to circular economy, minimal waste and resource consumption (regulations and taxes)

In terms of Output:

  • Material proposals

  • New learnings regarding sustainable material technologies and state of the art recycling methods.

  • Basis for presentation to and discussion with stakeholders to create a new direction in sustainable thinking.

In terms of Outcome:

  • Valid material proposals including possible sources (suppliers) for covers, tanks and plates.

  • Evaluation of properties, recycling process and costs.

  • Decision on relevant parts to define the first product which can be developed.

  • Alternative materials for external covers and tanks (water and fuels, foams).
  • Proposed products: electric firetruck RT and portable pump Fox

Long-term partnership in material science and supply chain development

Internal Stakeholders: 

  • Management Board, Innovation, Product Development, CSR, Communication, Production, Purchasing, Sales

External Stakeholders:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers


Die Rosenbauer International AG is the world’s leading manufacturer of systems for firefighting and disaster protection. For more than 150 years, the name has stood for significant innovations and ground-breaking technology in the manufacture of firefighting vehicles and extinguishing systems in accordance with European and US standards.

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