Meet the Impacthon Teams of 2020/21

The Impacthon 2020 has been a great success, here we want to showcase the innovation projects who took part at the circle17 Impacthon in 2020/21:

Challenge Lead:

Grätzlfarm (grow – share – eat)

Globally 80% of Food is consumed in Cities, whereas only 20% are being produced there. This creates a huge imbalance, causing way too high Carbon emissions and traffic, also citizens increasingly loose their connection to food. 

We build the Grätzlfarm as a place to grow, share eat and learn. It’s a vertical inner city farm that rents green & grow space plus the infra-structure to people. Thanks to digital tutorials users can even learn to grow rare plants, and sell their overproduction via the website/app.

Challenge Lead:


Challenge: How might we create new services to incentivise consumers and businesses to treat mattresses in a circular way? 

Sleepify provides affordable mattress leasing solutions for accommodation providers, with sustainable solutions at their core. We manage the entire process from leasing mattresses produced by Greiner to B2B customers over collecting and repurposing them with social institutions up to recycling the material for the production of new mattresses.

Challenge Lead:

Shipping Happiness

Challenge: How might we transform development projects into stable social business that market sustainable products and create income for the socially vulnerable by the end of 2021?

Together with Hilfswerk International, Shipping Happiness is aimed at creating a local accelerator network, to support and monitor local venture development. Moreover, the concept of Shipping Happiness is build around tracing sustainable shipping partners. 

The World Puzzle

Challenge: How might we transform development projects into stable social business that market sustainable products and create income for the socially vulnerable by the end of 2021?

The Team of  The World Puzzle, JuSeKo, aims at creating a platform many members/ stakeholders/ multipliers as possible to share one platform where everyone gets support for their projects. Let’s become the biggest platform for social and ecological sustainability for pursuing the SDGs.

Challenge Lead:

Make Mobility Green Again!

Challenge: To reduce the GHG emission generated from daily commute in Apus Software.

“Our tailor-made mobility solution helps companies and their employees to reduce their mobility-related GHG emissions. Our sustainable solution includes: Evaluate existing eco-friendly mobility solutions/employees preferences Design a modular tailor-made green mobility solution Incentivise employees through gamification to drive positive impact for behaviour change and reduce CO2 Evaluation report indicating baseline, possible improvements and future benchmark.”

Challenge Lead:

Trici-Taxi Transformers

Challenge: How might we make the public individual on demand transport clean, more cost-effective and sustainable in rural small cities in costal areas.

We plan on upgrading the currently used bikes to e-tricis by implementing an open source platform with DIY videos. This way a self-empowered community will be founded, that can contribute to the project and thus improve it.  This is less expensive than buying new motorized ones in acquisition and electricity is cheaper than fuel as well.

Challenge Lead:

Break the Cycle

Break the Cycle works to uplift vulnerable women in communities in Ethiopia and Uganda.

“We bridge the gap between a diverse ecosystem of existing green projects and vulnerable communities in East Africa and emphasise ownership and independency by the women and aim to have more circular businesses by 2023. A Business in a Box – gives communities access to existing, innovative green technologies. Each box contains all the tools and technologies needed to create sustainable products from local recourses.”

Challenge Lead:


Challenge: How might we change our packaging to 100 % recycled material so we offer carefree and convenient packaged NAB to consumer, retail and environment by 2025?

The idea is to scrap packaging at the core and install pensing machines where you can refill your water bringing your own bottle. 

Challenge Lead:


Carbon capturing made easy by implementing “rock walls” for large outdoor parking areas.

 “Enhanced weathering of natural rock” is the scientific name of our mineralization technology. It is listed in the intergovernmental climate report “IPCC” as a promising technology to impact climate change. Autonomous manufacturing of the wall on site enables competitive cost towards metal fencing. For green retail to be perceived by customers, we offer a range of decorative rocks on the outside, according to branding requirements. 


Urban Heat Islands cause trillions of euros in energy costs every year, additionally ambient air pollution is causing 400,000 deaths in Europe alone – per year.

Epiclay is an innovative, modular facade greening system. Our solution does not require constant water circulation or soil and is therefore up to 75% lower in maintenance than existing solutions. Additionally, the light weight allows us to implement the solution on almost any type of facade – indoors, as well as outdoors; on newly built buildings, just like for retrofits. 

Challenge Lead:


The lack of a sustainable material in the plastic industry, specifically in the Rosenbauer’s Fox pump.

DAQ provides a set of sustainable recycled materials which can be used as in engineering applications. Features: -Resistant to water, impacts, heat and flame. -Competitive price -The “raw” (feedstock) material comes from another industries or processes that consider it as waste.

Challenge Lead:


Challenge: Raising awareness of gender issues & gender gaps in companies.  

ADAM (Application for Diversity Among Men): “Our solution is presented in the form of an App that analyses the gender related data but also employee reviews of a company. This data is then benchmarked against competitors of the company to showcase potential business related fallback. The App can also provide easy ESG reporting.”

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