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Porsche Immobilien GmbH

Greening our retail facilities in Austria

How might we green our retail facility across Austria so we can reduce our carbon footprint* by at least 50% by 2025?

The pressure to become more sustainable and “greener” is also noticeable in automobile trade. As the reputation of cars, in general, is still somewhat “dirty” and environmentally unfriendly it is even more important to change this. Therefore, the challenge is to improve our retail facilities to make them greener in different ways, greening the locations, more renewable energy systems, mainly for existing buildings, as the newly build buildings have good energy concepts and overall improve the reputation of automobile trade. As in profit oriented companies, new investments are measured in the profitability and therefore we are looking for sustainable solutions that more attractive to corporations. 

In Austria we have installed PV panels on 26 locations in Austria, since 2020 we have green electricity for all our buildings. The company MOON is making great improvements with charging columns, PV panels and so on to enhance the possibilities for electro mobility for the general public as well as companies. Sharetoo is a project to establish carsharing for companies, communities, residential buildings, etc. 

Reputation loss, not being able to compete on the market

 In terms of Output: 

Innovative ideas and business models

 In terms of Outcome: 

Definite implementation strategies

  • For example, innovative renewable energy systems or energy concepts for existing buildings, 
  • Business models for customer compensation
  • Potential partner for the implementation of a pilot project
  • Scaling ideas
  • Expertise and insight in automobile trade
  • networking

Internal Stakeholders:

  • different companies in the corporation
  • employees
  • CEOs
  • Key contacts
  • Pilot lead 

External Stakeholders:

  • Car suppliers (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, etc.), – production
  • customers,
  • authorities,
  • government,
  • natural environment
  • society

Porsche Immobilien GmbH

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