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Going circular: Making all of our packaging 100 % recycled.

How might we change our packaging to 100 % recycled material so we offer carefree and convenient packaged NAB to consumer, retail and environment by 2025?

2020 we’ve finally made the step to 100 % recycled PET for all of our products. But still caps, OPP lables, stickers, shrink film, handles and crates are still not 100 % recycled. This is not only driven by market prices, but especially because of a lack of high quality resources that meet our expectations for design, convenience and (food)quality.

We keep challenging our partners to go the extra mile. We are constantly talking to lots of industry partners and are testing (new) materials.

We are founder and 20 % owner (with Rauch, Egger Getränke, Spitz, Cocoa Cola HBC) of the Austrian pet2pet recycling Österreich GmbH (

What we have already achieved:

  • Evolving a design to recycle mindset in the whole company
  • respACT-membership and Vice-Presidency of respACT
  • Member of the WWF CLIMATE GROUP
  • Partner of the klimaaktiv pakt 2020 and #mission2030
  • 26 % less CO2 equivalents per bottle since 2005
  • 15 % less PET material in 10 years (weight reduction)

Recycling specific:

  • the only PET bottle deposit system in Austria for high quality recycling material
  • 100 % rePET for our total range and therefore one of the pionieers in this field
  • 100 % recycled paper labels for our glas range
  • 50 % PCR in our shrink film for our 6 x 1.5 l range

We want and we need to take responsibility. This is our intrinsic and uppermost belief and we are working hard to follow so. Further we are convinced – and Corona strengthens our opinion – that this is a crucial point in competition as well, because customers are more and more demanding commitment and action from producers.

If we don’t act, we put our credibility and market share at risk.

To replace at least one part of our packaging parts (aluminium caps, opp lables, stickers, shrink film or handles) to a 100 % recycled solution or a more sustainable alternative. 

Success for us in an overall more sustainable solution. E.g. replacing a thin HDPE Virgin lable with a thicker recycled HDPE lable is NOT a success, as it means more material, more weight, …

In terms of Output:

To replace at least one part of our packaging parts (aluminium caps, opp lables, stickers, shrink film, handles) to 100 % recycled material or an alternative. This brings as a massive step closer to reaching our 2025 goals for selling 100 % of our products in 100 % recycled packaging.

In terms of Outcome:

We (startup & Vöslauer Mineralwasser GmbH) getting perceived as a pioneer in the sustainable packaging field on the – not only – Austrian market.

  • The solution is overall more sustainable as the current one
  • and is economically reasonable
  • Total commitment to the project
  • PR and communication of solution and partner
  • Networking
  • Industry knowledge
  • Testing and piloting

Internal Stakeholders: 

  • pilot head and sponsor of the project: technical managing director DI Herbert Schlossnikl


  • Steering committee: innovation & development team

    It will coordinate all further internal and external stakeholders, that might vary according to the suggested solution.

External Stakeholders:

  • As we don’t know yet, what part of the packaging the solution will affect, we are not able to determine these stakeholders at this stage.


Vöslauer is the favorite mineral water of the Austrians with headquarters in Bad Vöslau. Vöslauer has a mission: The spring is its origin. They create well-being and satisfy the thirst of time.

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