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About the team

One weekend, one Impacthon and three consultants passionate about sustainability. That’s how Sleepify was born.

At Sleepify, we believe everyone should have access to a good night’s sleep. We are a B2B circular mattress provider who specialise in producing luxury mattresses, at an affordable price. Through our circular and sustainable approach we have a positive impact on our customers and the planet.


The Impacthon was an action packed 3-day event that enabled us to tackle a sustainable challenge head on in partnership with Greiner. The coaching and resources provided by circle17 have been extremely helpful in supporting Sleepify to take our idea and turn it into an initial start-up. We are excited to continue our journey, working with Greiner to validate our idea! 

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Specify the problem you are trying to solve: 

In Europe alone, 18 million mattresses go to landfill every year (European Commission). At Sleepify, our mission is to end mattress waste. We want to create a circular model for mattresses to be produced, consumed and then recycled or reused.

Describe your proposed solution:

Overall, our solution aims to create a mattress which is fully recyclable and sustainable. We also aim to provide our customers with high quality mattresses and offer them flexible payment solutions such as a monthly subscription or ‘pay per use’ model. As part of our service, we integrate a ‘take back’ scheme at the end of the mattress life cycle, ensuring mattresses are repurposed or recycled. The end result is a mattress production and consumption process that is fully circular. 

Team Members

Verena Judmayer, Chief Dream Officer

Verena is a sustainability champion with extensive innovation consulting and startup experience. At Sleepify, she is responsible for product development, ensuring our mattress solution is validated with a clear market fit.

Stuart Shepherd, Chief Sleep Officer

Stuart is a mastermind when it comes to operations and has years of experience in strategic and operational business transformation projects. At Sleepify, he is responsible for finance and business model innovation.

Michaela Stephen, Chief Impact Officer

Michaela is passionate about social innovation and using business to create positive impact. She has experience working in a B2B social enterprise and as an Innovation Consultant. At Sleepify, she is responsible for marketing and partnership development.