Projectteam DAQ

cycle 2020/21

Meet the Teams


We are team DAQ, the initials stand for Design, Accuracy, and Quality. Our project consists of a sustainable, low-cost, and resistant material for engineering applications. We transform waste into marvelous things, assuring the future of the upcoming generations and our planet.


…has been an excellent experience for us so far. Initially, it was hard for us because there are a lot of things we did not know and the time schedule was hard at first, waking up in the dawn here in our country.

But it was worth it, we have learned a lot about entrepreneurship, the European ecosystem, and a lot of useful things. It is a good place to meet like-minded people who have the same vision as we have towards making our world a better place.

This experience has also had a great impact on our personal lives, giving us the opportunity of meeting new cultures, new ways of thinking, and the possibility of improving our English and German language skills.

(c) Diego PH via Unsplash


Andrés Campaña

Environmental Engineer and Mechanical Engineer. The wizard, he comes up with revolutionary ideas and crazy visions to make a huge impact in the world. He can make ideas appear in real life.

MSc Luis Paternina

Mechanical Engineer and Master in Mechanical Engineering. The programming geek, Luis is a specialist in computational methods and simulations and he is a goal-oriented person.

(c) Tanvi Sharma via Unsplash