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About the team

On one hand we hear that there are not enough women applying to STEM jobs but on the other we know that 50% of women leave these domains mid-career. BELONGin offers a variety of solutions that help companies to attract & retain STEM professionals. 

During Circle17 Impacthon, BELONGin acquired new team members and got to apply design thinking on a gender equality problem proposed by one of the Circle17 challenge leads. The agile process helped harness diversity of thought to come up with interesting solutions for our partner.

Our journey at BELONGin is just beginning and our team members are motivated and engaged to bring positive change. We are working towards SDG5, SDG8, SDG10 and SDG17.

Visit us at and can reach out to us at:

Header: (c) Jude Beck via Unsplash

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Specify the problem you are trying to solve: 

50% of women leave STEM mid-career which means less women in leading positions in STEM and less role models.

Describe your proposed solution:

Since we are pivoting, we do not have a concrete solution yet. But our latest solutions can be summed up like:

BELONGin is raising awareness on gender equality problems in STEM through actionable insights about attracting, hiring and keeping STEM professionals.

Team Members

Timea Turdean

Co-founder and Business & Product Strategy Officer

Becky Lowe

Technical and Entrepreneurial Consultant


Ioana Cristea

Co-founder and Market Validation & Research Officer

Kristin Stepanek

Corporate Communications & Brand Strategist

Alexandra Pelka

Sustainability & ESG reporting Consultant

Thorsten Schillo

New Work and Agility Expert