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About the team


About the team

aeroSQAIR has developed a modular panel system that uses moss to counter indoor air pollution. Vertically planted in a fully automated panel, the specially selected moss-species can live even in light-scarce and difficult environments. Through that, aeroSQAIR can offer a naturally efficient filtration system on every level, from underground up to the top floor. All without compromising on design.



circle17 helped aeroSQAIR get their venture off the ground and lay the foundation for their first pilot project. The matchmaking event was perfect to meet established companies and corporates in a pleasant environment and to network with like-minded start-ups. Now, aeroSQAIR is working together with the Wiener Linien towards piloting their nature-based solution in a subway station in the beginning of 2022.

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Specify the problem you are trying to solve: 

aeroSQAIR integrates nature into urban spaces.

Indoor air pollution is becoming an ever-increasing problem. Because we spend over two-thirds of our day indoors, we need adapted solutions to recycle stale air and make for more imaginative and vivid environments. Moss panels by aeroSQAIR are a bio-technical design solution that not only cleans air but integrates living nature into urban spaces.

For the pilot project, aeroSQAIR will install panels in Vienna’s deepest underground metro station. A specially selected moss species will filter fine dust and heavy metals that enter the air through rail- and break-abrasion. Low-energy lighting and an automated watering system will generate ideal growing conditions even in this trying surrounding.

Describe your proposed solution:

aeroSQAIR only keeps the necessary technical periphery. At the heart of the panel is a specifically selected moss species that cleans air at highest effectiveness. Irradiated by efficient LED-lighting, the moss is connected to a self-regulating fresh-water-system. This saves water while generating ideal growing conditions. Air exchange happens through ventilators on the bottom of the panels. Stale air is sucked in, naturally cleaned and distributed out the top side. Through sensory measurement the panel-system gives constant feedback on the indoor climate.


Team Members

Esther Hummel, Co-Lead

Developing the start-up into the strategically right direction. Making sure the company is safeguarded within its legal frame.

Patrick N. Frank, Co-Lead

Motivating and inspiring the team. Responsible for the numbers.

Nicole Rudi

After talking to Nicole, you will probably love Moss as much she does. Okay maybe not quite. Passionate for Research & Biology – and showing the world how great the tiny little plant really is.

Lena Hackl

Our most recent team member takes care of getting the green treasure right in front of you. Setting up the Moss Management.

Fiona Demeur

Based in the Netherlands. Responsible for Design and Visual Communications. And helping out wherever there is support needed.

Ka Wai Cheung

Hong Kong meets Vienna. The architect supports in the area of Product Design and Visualization and brings theoretical concepts compellingly to paper.

Harsh Vora, Head Designer

Located in Barcelona. Responsible for product development and sustainable sourcing of materials.

Lukas Madl

Growing moss and experimenting with different climate conditions directly in the heart of the world’s greenest city, Vienna.

Marissa Wedenig, the Artist

The artist in our team - who’s making your life easier, by converting text into infographics and creating other visually appealing content.

Moritz Klein

Juggling with words until they fit like Tetris. Finding the perfect words for every occasion. Texting and Videos.