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Workload sharing with ITCS partners

How might we initiate collaboration among our ITCS partners, so we can share workload by 2021?

Software service providers face the challenge of an unbalanced workload. The business model is project based and it is very likely that peaks occur during projects followed by lows when the project is finished. This unbalanced workflow can lead to mental stress for employees and higher entrepreneurial risk.

  • Good relationships to decision makers of other ITCS companies
  • Hire employees
  • Agile methods in house
  • Shifting internal resources
  • change project priorities
  • Founding/being part of ITCS
  • Burnout of employees
  • Loss of orders
  • Decreasing customer satisfaction
  • less enjoyment of work
  • Loss of turnover/profit
  • Collapse of companies

In terms of Output:

  • less stressed and more motivated employees
  • Know-how sharing
  • more turnover/profit
  • Strengthen of the styrian IT branch
  • Higher customer satisfaction and software deliveries in time

In terms of Outcome:

  • Startups could implement a tool to match demand and offers of workload.
  • Startups could also match demand and offer in know how of requiered technologies.
  • Startups could serve as broker for workpackages.
  • Startups could create awareness within the ITCS.
  • Startups could monitor the whole process so that it doesn’t fade out.
  • A working colaboration between competitors to the benefit of all of them
  • Convincing the competitors of working together
  • Maintaining the process of distributing work packages
  • To support the process a technical plattform could be useful
  • Access to members of the ITCS
  • could get development work packages

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