Next Incubator Challenge Lead 2022

Next Incubator Innovation Hub

Potentials on circularity!

“How might we provide detailed information and potentials on circularity for suppliers to increase value and foster development of circular products and services.”

In the supply of products and services, information and transparency on environmental impacts and circularity potentials are still largely lacking. Initiatives are mostly based purely on actual and future legal requirements. Especially in the service and consulting sectors, there is often a lack of approaches even on how this can be implemented.

The objective of the Challenge is to develop an approach on circularity in the service sector, which enable a voluntary implementation through mutual benefit of both, supplier and customer.

In order to achieve transparency within the supply chain, the Next-Incubator already requests information and data from suppliers on the emissions associated with the products they receive. However, there is currently little response or meaningfulness from this, so concepts are needed to create a mutual benefit.

Circularity is one of the keys to transform our economy into a sustainable system in the future. To achieve this we have to implement circularity and a circularity mindset voluntarily in all aspects of our processes.

No format restrictions: Output can be a platform, a service, a method, a process or a product.

The next-incubator is the independent innovation platform of Energie Steiermark. As a think tank and a nationally and internationally established innovation developer, we promote ideas, projects and initiatives that meet binding ecological, economic and social criteria.

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