Airport City Development Challenge Lead 2022

AirportCity Development


“How might we co-create projects together with our community of airport stakeholders to implement a circular economy at the airport and its surroundings?”

In order to build a successful circular economy at Airport City Vienna, we need broad acceptance and identification at our location and surrounding amongst all companies andm eployees, service provider and neighbors, etc. first.


  • We have 250 companies on site and 9 adjacent municipalities where also companies are situated, plus where people live.
  • We have commuting employees within a 2 hour’s driving distance.
  • We have vast agriculture land areas in the surrounding which is partly in the ownership of the Airport and let for rent to farmers.
  • We are constantly tearing down buildings or parts of them and constructing new buildings. Tenants are constantly refurbishing their offices somewhere in the area.
  • We have good networks with other airports in Europe and around the world. We have also access to different networks of different industries and platforms.

Circular economy will help us to meet the climate relevant targets we have to consider, so we might have more effort to come up to them without these aspects.

Creating a trustworthy platform for any stakeholder involved or interested in the Airport of Vienna, or the Vienna AirportCity, will help us out of that black box we are in today, where lack of information prevents a future proof development for the companies, for the employees and for the AirportCity as a severe investment project of the Vienna Airport.

Processes and Tools that helps us building transparency, trust, cooperation and identification as a framework for future projects.

Ideas of which types of circularities could work as business models within the community.


Vienna Airport is the competence partner for first-class real estate, office space and cargo space on the outskirts of Vienna.

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