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How might we implement a mobility concept, so we can half our GHG emissions by 2021?

We are struggling to introduce a mobility concept for Apus. We want a holistic approach which includes carpooling, e-bikes, e-cars as well as public transport.

Our company’s HQ is in Tobelbad which is appr. 15 km outside of Graz. Although several employees live in Graz carpooling/carsharing is hardly used. (Note: We don’t want to focus on Graz only, but we think it is a good place to start). One more issue is that we have flexitime which is widely used.

We already created awareness by introducing a blackboard where avoided car-kilometers by employees are written down. At the end of the year a champion is nominated. Furthermore, all avoided car-kilometers are totalled up and depending on the amount of avoided kilometers a donation is made to a charity organisation.

GHG emissions which could be avoided are still emitted.

Success is when we significantly reduce kilometers driven by fossil cars. At least we would like to half our car-kilometers.

  • Consulting regarding funding of e-bikes and e-cars
  • A flexible and easy to use platform for organizing trips to and from work

Broad experience in SW development and related domains (eg.: system administration, agile project management …)

APUS Software GmbH

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